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India has a rich heritage of culture and craft. The crafts of India have been valued throughout time and continue to bring out the rich cultural and social diversity through various forms of art and craft practiced by artisans across the country.

We at 64Crafts believe that we can make a difference by connecting artisans with the market to provide them with more opportunity to showcase their craft and get more commercial leverage there by improving the overall livelihoods of artisans.

64Crafts is a marketplace integration player integrating all Indian Handicrafts to provide the complete range of crafts in India with an intent to popularize Indian Handicrafts across the world.

64Crafts Training Programme:

There are no shortcuts to become an enterprenuer. 64Crafts focuses on development of craftmenship in INDIA through skill development and infrastructure development.

Entrepreneurship is the ability to configuration, dispatch, create, compose and deal with a business adventure or a beginning up, in a focused worldwide commercial center that is continually developing, alongside a readiness to go out on a limb. Business visionaries are pioneers, trailblazers, pioneers and innovators. They are at the bleeding edge of innovative and social developments in their fields, in their ground breaking, in their craving to test existing known limits. They are visionaries and in particular practitioners. Business Entrepreneurship is a significant motor of development in the economy and furthermore lessens joblessness.


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